“We don’t just read a great Story, we inhabit it.”

If you love books, reading them and living with them, then this lovely tome is a perfect companion for you. Ivan Terestchenko’s beautiful photographs of interiors designed by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti based on favorite rooms inspired by literature is a fantasy and a reference. A must for designers and bibliophiles and a lovely gift for anyone inclined to either interest. Forget Pinterest and Facebook and all of those electric pages people are so busy pinning and pasting and clicking to that they are never really seeing and sit and savor this imaginative creation. Gatsby and Out of Africa and Hemingway’s Paris can be found in these pages and the wonderful inspiration will seep into your mind as you mentally begin to fashion your own items into something out of your favorite works. I am already rearranging my paintings a la A Moveable Feast.

We had loved the big studio with the great paintings. It was like one of the best rooms in the finest museum except there was a big fireplace and it was warm and comfortable. “

This book is romantic and useful and fun to look at it will make you want to read. Wherever you fall on the designer and book lover spectrum, novice to professional, this book will find a creative spark in you. And you will probably want to move the furniture around. And then read some more.