In Bed with Susan Sontag.

Link From Ms. Magazine by Kitty Lindsay.

I am In Bed watching the incredible documentary Regarding Susan Sontag (again) on HBO and as another favorite Susan of mine says in Bull Durham, I think Susan Sontag is brilliant. I was fortunate to have an older sister minoring (there weren’t enough classes to major) in Women’s Studies at University of Kentucky who temporarily passed on her underlined Sontag paperbacks to me so I did understand the Bull Durham reference although I didn’t really understand Sontag. This film could not have been made thirty years ago, to help a struggling Sontag reader like me. But Nancy D. Kates has made it now and it is a thoughtful timeline of Sontag’s work that is fresh and inspiring. I daresay Ms. Sarandon may agree with me that Nancy D. Kates is brilliant, too. Sontag comes across as incredibly strong and durable yet supermodel beautiful. So photogenic and still somewhat obscure. The film chronicles the private subject’s writing, films, feminism and even her personal life. Her views on everything from art to Norman Mailer to Aids can be considered incredibly strong and durable and yes, even beautiful.