A book review that could have resulted in another crucifixion.  Instead, Blogger GGuers diplomatically embodies what he finds as  the true love of Teachings of Jesus. It’s okay to have fun and use this book based on your interpretation as a Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Where’s Waldo fan or someone who just feels spiritual. Very clever of book authority Winston Rowntree. Provocative and tongue- in-cheek, you may feel a little grade school dirty finding Jesus in some of the crowds.  GGeurs sums it up quite nicely.


This is a review of Finding Jesus by Winston Rowntree (not his real name).

Art has a way of really offending a person, or really making him/her think.  Take for example, Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.”  Or a film like Monty Python’s The  Life of Brian.  And when the book is a collection of cartoon-esque full page images, as is the case with Finding Jesus, one cannot help but find it as art which will make many people think and other people be offended.

Finding Jesus, reminiscent of any of the Where’s Waldo? books follows the same concept.  A cartoon image of Jesus is hidden among a large group of people doing all number of things, including camping, attending a house party, and even going to a Led Zepplin concert.  By the way, visiting Amazon’s page for this book to use the “Look Inside” feature is definitely…

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