Research shows that reading increases vocabulary. Back when we walked to school in the snow for miles, we had to look words up in the dictionary. AND the dictionary was a huge imposing tome of reverence that could not just be toted around for easy access. Now we can easily tap the word on the screen or type the letters into some app or website to get the definition. Yet, I still have to tell my daughter to “look it up” and cringe knowing that I swore I would never do this to MY child. And I still have to “look it up” for myself quite often.

I find myself highlighting or tabbing words that I don’t know and/or that would make great Words With Friends words. Words With Friends is like Scrabble for those if you who haven’t jumped on the Zynga Alex Baldwin band wagon. Sometimes I just throw letters on the board to see if they stick and learn new words this way. Please note that looking up words prior to play is cheating in my book. Play and pray is not. Wednesdays will be designated WORD With Friend Day. A sharer, that’s me. Please feel free to share your own word and what book you pulled it from, or whether it was a play and pray. Many of you might already know the words, so good for you. Forget Hump Day, which I always thought was something else anyway…


ZORI : a flat thonged sandal usually made of straw, cloth, leather, or rubber Origin of ZORI Japanese zōri First Known Use: 1823 Rhymes with ZORI Corey