9780804185554This is a marvelous book to have in any collection. Not so much as a practical cookbook, but as a storybook, a history book, an atlas. In Her Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from Grandmas Around the World, Gabriele Galimberti showcases a various grandmas and thier dishes with the recipes. The photography tells its own story and this could easily crossover as an art book. The setting for each photograph is also a treat. Kitchens in the background will make your wonder about the beach babe calendar on the wall (perhaps a model granddaughter) or a Disney cartoon salt and pepper shaker collection. And then there are the recipes. You may not have wild boar, goat legs, or dried caterpillars readily available but after studying this book, you know you would respectfully partake even if discreetly using your napkin for culinary subterfuge. I looked at the book with my ten-year-old daughter as a geography game and we had so much fun guessing where each grandma was from. A wonderful book on so many levels. Foodies, photography fans and arm chair travellers will all be delighted.

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