What is a Restavek? Let Megan Boudreaux tell you. And then read her amazing book, Miracle on Voodoo Mountain: A Young Woman’s Remarkable Story of Pushing Back the Darkness for the Children of Haiti. At just twenty-four, this young woman went to Haiti and achieved something most people regardless of age, maturity, or faith even give a fleeting thought. I didn’t know the term restavek or restavek until I read this book although I knew of the practice. Megan’s narrative balances her personal quest with enough factual information to compel you to want to make a  difference to someone, anyone, even yourself. Taking a leap of faith. Believing in someone or something.  Megan happens to believe in God, Jesus Christ and the kindness of others. She also believes in herself although she doesn’t seem to know it when her story begins. You can be an atheist, a Muslim, a nerd, a Republican or any label out there. The beauty of this book is it is a story for everyone who has ever had that feeling, a dream, and some courage.  If you have love in your soul, you will be moved. Read this. And be inspired. And then maybe like Megan, we will all know what we can do.

What is a Restavek?.

From Blessed With A Burden Blog by Megan Boudreaux