There is a great foreward in Trisha Yearwood’ s New cookbook, Trisha’s Table, in which her husband country superstar Garth Brooks lists her many talents and refers to himself as Mr. Yearwood. Trisha will tell you in her introduction that she has come in to her own at fifty and her latest cookbook shows it. If you watch her Food Network show, there are no surprises. You will experience more of the comfort and family and friends style cooking and sharing that makes Yearwood so appealing to audiences. She is real. She is not stick thin. She has to go to Zumba classes to get in shape. She is funny. She wants to eat large portions of gooey cheesy casseroles but now tries to limit it to 20% of the time. She worries about her husband’s cholesterol. Her first two cookbooks chronicle her family stories and she continues that here in her third. This makes the recipes all the more inviting and may remind you of some of your own family favorites. Some recipes have been tweaked to be healthier and she includes tips that help the reader in the kitchen. These recipes aren’t just pretty pictures, but good and doable meals that will become part of your meal plans and traditions. Adding this to my collection is a given and if you like home cooking and comfort it will be a given for you too.

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