So it’s Derby Day here in Louisville, KY but here’s a book about a different kind of race.

Remember Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson? I was watching Espn’ s 30 for 30 and came across this riveting documentary and needed to know more. This book provided an interesting and exciting snapshot of this rivalry as well as the story of doping in the international running arena. This was a subject I didn’t even know I was interested in, but the book captured my attention and never let go. Interesting and entertaining for any reader. Moore also covers the dilemma of college and amateur sports vs. Sponsors and what goes on behind the scenes. Calvin Smith, an American runner who seems unscathed from the conflict, is someone who needs his story told. The rest of the players don’t fare so well. Recommended for the sports enthusiast, runner or Olympic junkie. And if you just like a good story with colorful characters and a place in history, pick it up. A good read all around.