The NATO mission in Bosnia is to broker peace between warring factions and help restore a devastated county. It’s a mission the world is watching. 

But when Master Sergeant Lauren Harper makes a gruesome discovery, she has a new mission. Saving herself. 

Harper, a career soldier, is innocent of the crime she is accused of, but she’s guilty of a lot of other things, like inappropriate feelings for her commanding officer, Colonel Neil McCallen and failing to lead a soldier who needed her help. 

To get out of the mess she’s in, Harper must employ all of her wits and the help of an unexpected friend from across the pond, Sergeant Major Harry Fogg. 

Her mistakes land Harper in the worst trouble she’s ever faced. She is forced to choose. Save herself and risk the lives of others, or stay, and face a life of degradation and slavery.

About the Author

M. L. Doyle has served in the U.S. Army at home and abroad for more than two decades as both a soldier and civilian. A Minneapolis native, Mary currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. 


This could be the beginning of a wonderful series if this first book is any promise of things to come. A strong African American female lead who is a Master Sergeant solving mysteries on international military bases adds so many intriguing elements to this genre. Doyle’s background from her bio supports the authenticity in her plot and character development. I loved it and highly recommend this! Eagerly moving on to