School has started and with it all of the insecurities and fear that come with a new year. Girls  are subjected to peer pressure, media pressure and self-inflicted pressure. With God/Jesus as their guide, Kampakis lists ten truths or tips that every girl experiences and should know how to handle. And they are good ones. My daughter is starting sixth grade and we read this together, before bed! Dad even joined in at some parts. We especially liked the section on how hurtful words are like toothpaste and once you squeeze them out you can’t put them back in the tube. Yes, helpful for adults, too.

The religion can be heavy handed which may not appeal to all readers, but the focus is really on the success of our daughter(s) as well as ALL girls. Kampakis has daughters of her own giving her some street cred, so to speak. Each section has some exercises at the end which generated much discussion and positive interaction between mother and daughter. We will be referencing this book again I am sure. Kampakis also has a great blog with parenting and faith related tips at

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