2a2Happy Monday! Quite a few books are on my reading stack, er floor, er bed this week.

I love Craig Johnson’s Sheriff Walt Longmire and I want to marry him. Okay. That may be a bit extreme since he is not real, or so my therapist says. Think of a  Dave Robicheaux and Harry Bosch mash up. Witty, tough, clever and oh so sensitive. And the secondary characters are just as good. The Cheyenne Nation Henry Standing Bear side kick and the rough yet sexy female deputy Vic add drama and humor to each story. You can skip around in the series, as I did when I found this on a sale table at BAM! But read them all. This one is about young men getting kicked out of Mormon communities a la Warren Jeffs and land rights. Good plot and laugh out loud lines.

I received Tattered and Mended from LitFuse to participate in a blog tour and am behind because I have been tattered and am finally on the road to mended. Shingles with complications added to my chronic illness while getting ready to move and adopting a 60 lb shelter puppy who has grown to 90 lbs definitely makes for a tattered soul and body! This book shows us that we don’t have to hide our wounds or troubles, we mend them and/or reinvent or recycle ourselves.  Picture God and Jesus doing shabby chic makeovers.

From the soul to the stuff to the soul. Marie Kondo has been receiving favorable and not so much favorable attention for her tidying up theories in this book. Since I just moved and didn’t purge like most of us swear we will do but just throw everything in boxes, I figured this would be a good time to read this. Plus, it drives my husband crazy when I buy MORE books about owning FEWER books. Yeah, I know. Clean up your stuff, clean up your mind. Keep only what’s special, what you LOVE. And do your purging and organizing all at once!

Who is this Larry Brown you speak of? This I did not know which is why I love Goodreads, a Facebook for readers. I belong to a Southern Literature Book Group on Goodreads and this is the August pick. I have discovered so many wonderful authors through this site and this group. Brown is from Oxford, Mississippi and Big Bad Love is his third book. I’ve read the first story and its gritty and ironic. The characters are rednecks and their actions are raw but put them in designer clothes and change the setting to the Hamptons in a Lamborghini and love is still gritty and ironic. (If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited or Oyster you can read this one for free!)

Helen Durant has written a great procedural/thriller where a serial killer takes advantage of a car pile up to get rid of a victim’s body by throwing her in the back seat of one of the crashed vehicles. Things don’t quite work out as planned for Mr. Serial Killer and DI Calladine and DS Bayliss are on the trail. And there is a parallel case of a missing child. I’m about half way through and think I know who the killer is….or do I? This one is also free for Kindle Unlimited members but only $2.99 and seemingly well worth it.

I’d love to hear about the books you’re reading this week! I’m always up for adding to my library. The movers told me, after moving about 75 boxes of books, that I needed to get a Kindle. Should I have told them I have one????