My mom shared this with me today and now I am trying to con her in to making me a pillow. Or if anyone out there would like to make me one I would be happy to accept it. Solicitation? No. Shameless? Yes! A wonderful idea and both and are interesting quilting sites. I don’t quilt but would love to try. I love the quilting circles I’ve read about in so many books. If you quilt, please share your creations! Do you have a favorite quilting circle scene in a book? Right now I just prop my book or kindle on a regular pillow or sometimes my face when I fall asleep reading. My daughter calls this “sleep reading”.

Finally, A Comfy (And Cute) Way To Read In The Bed…Introducing The Book Pillow!

Laura from SewVeryEasy is quickly becoming one of our favorite teachers; she comes up with such cute and clever projects! In today’s tutorial, she shows us how to make the cute and handy book pillow! If you’re like me, you love reading in bed, except for the ever-present issue of propping yourself up! I’m always having to find a new, comfortable position where I can hold my book. Laura’s book pillow solves this solution, and in quite the fashionable method! Needless to say, we were so excited to share this project. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.