All across the nation, kids are lining up at bus stops or lockers as the school season starts. Brianna Bond is one of those kids and she is the star of the book, “Who’s the New Kid?  How an ordinary mom helped her daughter overcome childhood obesity — and you can too!”. Heidi, Breanna’s mom, shares a heart-breaking and often cringe-inducing story of her grade school daughter’s obesity and how they turned it around to save Breanna’s life through tough love, nutrition and exercise. Heidi’s story of her 186 lb nine-year-old often brought me to tears of sadness and triumph. And I mentally chastised Heidi for being one of those “I can eat whatever I want and practically lose weight” skinnies and I applauded her for putting herself out there with all of her glorious imperfections as a parent just like the rest of us.

This is a good book to read as we have an obesity epidemic in our country. And all of us are impacted by the health of future generations. Personally, I have an eleven-year-old daughter I am going to give this book to now that I am finished. She has seen me reading it and we have been discussing making healthier choices. We don’t move enough. We eat out too much. We don’t watch our portions.   There are factoids throughout the book on health and fitness and tips as well as a 40 day meal and exercise plan. The book talks about bullying and self-esteem in kids. “I like the new me” is a simple but hard won declaration Breanna finally exclaims and I recommend her story to any child regardless of weight. So, Breanna and Heidi, add my family to the list of those you have impacted in a positive positive way.

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Thanks to litfuse and the publisher for providing a copy of this title