lpg-blogger-buttonFatal Trauma opens with an ER nightmare. A gunman enters with his injured brother demanding attending Dr. Mark Baker save him. This is impossible as the gunman, who is a member of a drug cartel, is DOA. The plot of the book unfolds as the drug cartel seeks revenge on everyone who was in the ER including Nurse Kelly Atkinson who has been dating Mark. There is a hospital staff member acting as cartel assassin in the hospital  but who is it? And who is El Jefe? Unfortunately, for me, I got to the point I didn’t care. Mabry throws too many curve balls so it could be anyone and everyone, including Mark. And Mark is not my favorite fictional doc by far. Very self-centered, he did not appeal to me.

I did like the grappling with Old Testament vs. New Testament justice some of the characters face and the reality of their fear vs. Faith. This seemed authentic and relatable, especially in the characters of Kelly and her best friend. Fatal Trauma is classified as Christian Fiction and Mabry presents timely and related issues and conflict.

Did I guess the bad guys? Yes and no. But only because Mabry set everyone, and I mean everyone up as a potential bad guy. Overall, this was a quick and painless read that would benefit from the author giving the reader a little more credit.  Not one I’d recommend for your next read in Bed!

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