I. Love. This. Book. This is my kind of cookbook. And author Peggy Wang must ride around on a unicorn tossing drunken gummy bears (see page 58) to her people while sipping ridiculously perfectly pink beer (see page 53) while  scantily clad but cut and oiled hunks of male flesh pass out grilled s’mores sandwiches (see page 45) to me and my appreciative friends.  Hey, it’s my cookbook fantasy, not yours. But it could become yours….

One this is a board book with brightly colored and deliciously ridiculously photographed pictures of various outcomes. And two, the recipes are silly fun and taste good. Pretzel squares with Hershey’s kisses melted = pretzel bites. Also try rolos, people! Cuties slices dipped in chocolate with sea salt. And the no bake ice cream sandwich cake is delicious and genius. You unwrap said sandwiches and pour stuff on top, freeze and back off, Martha.
And then there is the booze…

This is a fun hostess gift with a bag of kisses or a jar of nutella.  Or a bottle of red and a coke. You could have a mixer just around the mixing while the kiddos don’t bake their ice cream cake. Enough said. Get. This. Book.

Provided by publisher via unicorn parcel delivery