“Creating word pictures is like collecting treasures; it makes me take a closer look at things.  Via my blog and newspaper articles, I get to share my musings with people around the world.”

Hutterite Diaries is a slim volume of these very musings. Therein lies the problem with many slim volumes these days. The collections of blogs and articles of most bloggers and article writers aren’t always required reading. David Foster Wallace, Roxanne Gay, Woodward and Bernstein or Mitch Albom are a varied list of YES writers that come to mind.  Linda Maendel would not probably make my “must be bound” list. She writes interesting blog entries and articles about Hutterites and if my eleven-year-old  had to write a report on the subject I would hand her this book.

It is very factual. Hutterites are modern with equipment use like tractors and trucks but not dress. The book is very informative with …information. But not much  else. The author’s brothers died in a fire. The author finds out Hutterites were slaves in Cyprus until the 1800s. The author travels to other countries. All subjects seemingly surrounded with emotions and stories. Right? Wrong. At least not for this version. The lack of feeling or personal observation and reflection were a missed opportunity to make this a true “diary”.

The author does tell the reader how many French fries the potato shed holds. But no spoilers here! Read it for general info and to know the difference between the Amish, for example. Otherwise stick to reading Maendel’s blog. It is very informative. http://www.hutterites.org/author/lindamaendel/