From the Publisher

Emmalyn and Max Ross may have to endure the fight of their lives to mend the tattered fabric of their marriage. His actions ensured she could never be a mother and put him in prison. On a self-imposed exile to beautiful but remote Madeline Island, Emmalyn has just a few months left to figure out if and how they can ever be a couple again. Nudged along by the Boozie, exuberant owner of the Wild Iris Inn and Café, a circle of misfit people in their small town, and a young girl who desperately needs someone to love her, Emmalyn restores an island cottage that could become a home and begins to restore her heart by learning what it means to love unconditionally. NOTE from me:  Read just for the Boozie character alone. The pearls of colorful Christian based wisdom are a bonus!

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I received this as a GoodReads giveaway and can already say PRE-ORDER now! Gilbert starts out with such a conversational tone and beautifully connected words. I want to be her friend, her non-violent stalker and/or at least as magic as she says I can be. Her TED talks are a strong indicator that this will be consistently inspiring and informing to the end.

I had to make a stop at the Used Book Store with half in its name and came across this gem on the clearance shelf. Signed! By the author! For two bucks! I love climbing/mountaineering stories and Viesturs is at the top of his game.  Inspirational as well as nailbiting, the athleticism, determination and little bit of crazy that prompts climbers fascinates me! And any mountain climbing book description should have many exclamation marks. Even if the signature ends up being that of Joe Schmo, still worth it!

What are you reading this week?