YOU are no better than him.

God gives us all ministries.

Author Laurie  Coombs has written a pretty amazing chronicle of her letter exchanges with the man who murdered her father and her attempt to forgive under the tenets of her newfound Christianity. The book starts out a bit bumpy as it not very slyly skips over the backstory of the murder which leaves an awkward hole in the narrative. It’s pretty obvious the author’s father had some type of affair with the murderer’ s wife and this opens up a lively and somewhat accusatory discussion on not just Christian but human morals and the act of forgiveness and personal responsibility and hubris. What follows is a real and wondrous reveal from both parties that is as thought provoking as any college seminar and sometimes as heartfelt as your own discourse could be. There are legal appeals and serious mental stressors to consider as the two move forward in their correspondence and attempt resolution. This was a serious surprise of a page turner and I highly recommend it.

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