lpg-blogger-buttonThe Finishing School is a truly helpful little book that showcases different books in each chapter that the author has weeded out for the reader in her own self- help quest. A self-professed book nerd, Woerner has cleverly added in her own products as homework guides that you can download with a special code and her own site has some great links to Bible Journaling as well as other products you may want to purchase.

That aside,y’all (Woerner hails from Cajun Country and throws that out a lot), there are some real gems in here. Some of my favorite chapters were on prayer, self-control and minimizing. Woerner writes, “Self-control is a response set apart from my emotions and instead is a response decided in advance based on a standard I live by.”  She usually follows pearls such as this with relevant Bible verse(s) and/or her favorite book references. I have already ordered Margin by Richard Swenson based on her chapter of the same name.

This is definitely a read in Bed book and also a keeper. It’s the kind of book you will want hanging around so you can pick it up and browse or find an applicable chapter as needed. It would also make a nice gift for like-minded friends or someone you want to subtly say “here’s some help”.

Check out Woerner’ s website at http://www.valmariepaper.com/

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