This is a weekly column hosted by Pen to Paper at that looked fun and I have an out-of-control wish list of books so…Patti Smith’s M Train is one of my big wish list books this fall. Just released, this is a book of her musings on the places she has been and will be. In true Smith style, I imagine it to be poetic and somewhat raw and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I collect signed first editions and this is what I am lusting for here.

I received Smith’s Just Kids as a review copy and was not expecting much more than a rock-and-roll tell-all. I couldn’t have been more off in my expectations. Her story of her early relationship with artist Robert Mapplethorpe was lyrical and although painful, somewhat magical. This compelled me to go on a Smith musical binge and I became a fan. I also had a deeper appreciation for Mapplethorpe’ s artistic view rather than just a memory of the censorship efforts in Cincinnati.

As soon as I heard about M Train, it was an automatic add to my wish list. I also have the audio on the wish list as Smith narrates her own work. Quirky and soulful as Smith is, both book and audio are sure to feel right at home in my library.