From the Publisher Lisa traveled to Uganda with her teenage son on a twelve-day mission trip. In an orphanage her world view abruptly changed as she held a shivering emaciated little boy who lay dying of malaria. He had no one else in the world to care that he was passing. This experience and others while on the trip were so profound that she is compelled to share them with you. Come and walk with Lisa through Uganda as God shows her His different definitions of mother. All profits from this book will be donated to build lifesaving wells in villages desperate for clean water.

Worth Getting in Bed For? Yes. And Worth Getting Out of Bed For This is a quick yet inspiring read about the author’s 12 day trip to Uganda with her son and Church group and how it impacted her life. This isn’t flowery prose but heartfelt narration and stories from various participants. Lisa is a board member for the organization that she represented and she lets yo know that throughout. But set that marketing aside and you have a call that any one person can give a little and make a big difference to someone who seemingly has nothing to give in return but a smile and love. Seeing the gratitude, smiles, and love changed the lives of her group and she encourages readers to find their call.

I found her story friendly and easy to read as well as inspiring. I especially liked the idea of taking a trip like this with your school age son like she did or daughter like another participant What small thing are you doing to make a difference? Sponsoring a child, donating canned goods, volunteering at church, offering a prayer or a simple thank you… I know I can up my game, what about you?

About the Author Lisa Sanders followed her new husband to Alaska for his first job out of college. Twenty-six years later, with a successful business and her last child about to leave for college, she discovered in Uganda that the gifts of mercy, love and compassion given to women are meant to be shared with children not only in our own homes, but across the street and around the world. Lisa lives in Anchorage, Alaska with her husband Greg, two dogs and her two sons when they are not away at University. She serves on the board of directors for Hope4Kids International.

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