The second in Anne Frasier’s Elise Sandburg Series, Stay Dead starts off three years ahead of the last book so I, like many readers, was convinced I had missed a book. This is where reading the review of others is actually quite helpful as I was assured I had not and encouraged to keep reading. After the rocky start, the story is getting really good.  I am really enjoying this series. If you are a Kindle Unlimited Member, it is free!
After the devastation in Paris, in my own helplessness, I needed to know more about this enemy, Isis. This book by Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Joby Warrick starts out with the crash of the Jordanian military plane and the torture and murder of the pilot that many of us remember. It then traces the evolution of the terrorist organization and the interaction with our own government(s). This is well written and well researched but the style is not difficult to read.  A highly praised work by critics.
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