OH SHIP: Tales of a Cruising Chick and Other Travel Adventures  by Lori A. Moore is a slim volume of anecdotes and travel tips from over thirty years of traveling the world. This is a light and fun easy read that will give you cruise lust.

I like this little book for a couple of reasons. One, Moore is a hometown girl from Louisville, Kentucky. Second, Moore offers great little travel tips after each little chapter, and they are small coming in at a page or two. Use straws for face products like moisturizer and to string necklaces through to keep them from getting tangled is a good one.

My favorite chapter is how she and her travel companion discovered the photographers on cruise ships basically have a quota so they start posing for silly pictures. They always pose on the grand staircase as if they are tumbling down!

This is a fun book that would make a great little Bob Voyage gift and reading it will definitely make you want to book your own cruise. And if you see two women splayed on the stairwell in pink and blue wigs getting their picture taken…Pump-Up-Your-Book-Tour-Host