Silent Cry: The True Story of Abuse and Betrayal of an NFL Wife by Dorothy J. Newton

From the Publisher.Raised near New Orleans as one of six children, Dorothy Newton was surrounded by abuse and poverty as she grew up. But she became the first in her family to graduate from college and moved out of poverty. She then began to live out her dreams in Dallas of a better home and life when she married celebrity superstar football player Nate Newton. She had gone from poverty to the pinnacle of success. She was married to a handsome, successful, famous professional athlete, who was a three time Super Bowl Champion and six time Pro-Bowler for the Dallas Cowboys.

But all that glittered was not gold.

Before long the relationship turned abusive. She found herself living in the world she thought she had escaped in her years growing up. The world did not see her suffering behind closed doors—she was betrayed, treated abusively, threatened continually. Dorothy was trapped with no one to talk to and nowhere to run. In this book Dorothy shares her experiences of pain, loss, survival, hope, recovery, and victory. A gripping story throughout, A Silent Cry is a testament to Dorothy’s will to live and the peace that comes with hope in the God who sees and hears your tears—even when no one else does.

Worth Getting in Bed For? Yes. Although Newton ‘s storytelling is methodical and straightforward, it is an  important narrative of abuse. Newton seems carefully restrained throughout the narrative until she herself finally let’s go to a therapist and as a reader you almost feel her physical release. The book shows us that there are many different needs for recovery including faith and therapy. I especially liked that Newton included interviews with her ex-husband and two sons at the end. This added to the perspectives of how abuse impacts the family unit, even after the relationship ends. With violence in relationships with athletes gaining more attention, this is a timely and necessary book. It is not a sensationalist chronicle of life in the NFL, but an ongoing journey of faith and healing. 

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