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Slow to Judge: Sometimes It’s Okay to Listen by David B. Capes The Author writes this book because a survey shows that Christians are views ad hypocritical, judgemental and anti-homosexual. I’m never really sure what he’s trying to prove: yes they are, yes they are but so was Jesus, no they aren’t, some are. Throw that out and just read the book and enjoy each chapter’s discussion. Be slow to judge the book and it will make you see yourself and examine your own way of thinking and reacting, which is what really good books should do. Capes uses biblical stories and anecdotes well in each chapter as well as guidance questions. Provided by Booklook Bloggers.
Vanished by Kendra Elliot. An eleven-year-old girl goes missing and Mason Callahan comes in to help his ex-wife find her stepdaughter. He’s teamed up with Ava McLane from the FBI and a Romantic Suspense Series is born.
Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan. Cunningham’s memoir has received critical acclaim for his depiction of his early days of surfing not just as a sport but as a way of life. This is a book I purchased in hardcover.
Swim Gym: How to Get Fit and Toned in the Pool by Sidra Shaukat. So I read Diana Nyad’s Find a Way and figure if she can swim from Cuba to Florida, I can get my fat assign the Pool at the YMCA. Right? This is Shaukat’s fitness regime for the Pool. It has zero reviews on Amazon. I checked it out under Kindle Unlimited. It needs some reader’s love.
That’s What I’m reading this Monday, What Are You Reading?