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The Beautiful Possible: A Novel Paperback – February 16, 2016


This is a love story of people and a love story of words, passionately charged, beautifully told. Gottlieb imagines the life of a young rabbi with such detail for the time period, you can feel yourself in seminary, in shul. Her imagery is lyrical and the characters are so well drawn and oh so flawed. Don’t read this if infidelity and sexual content disturb you.


There are a couple of missteps where events happen predictably or just the extreme opposite, so sudden that I had to flip back as I thought I may have missed something. But for a first novel this is most exceptional and a favorite for me. The prose is so descriptive I can still smell the cardamom and see the Ganges. The spiritual philosophy is as heady to the senses. This is a writer to watch.

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