Love to pass it on when it comes to unknown or under appreciated works.

Read Her Like an Open Book

Charmed Particles

Charmed Particles

By Chrissy Kolaya

Dzanc Books, Nov. 2015

$15.95, 260 pages

While many books are hyped by publishers, publications, and readers, most rely on word of mouth to find an audience. A few months ago. a publicist told me about an upcoming novel she thought I would like. And indeed the description sounded intriguing; on paper it played to a lot of my fictional preferences. I asked her to send me a copy. Time passed as I focused on teaching and photography and only managed to read a few books during the fall semester. I still had the book on my TBR list, but the publication date of November 10 passed without my reading it. In the intervening months, I had not seen or heard a thing about the book, so it was definitely flying below the radar. Once Christmas vacation arrived, I was determined to read the book…

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