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Free Men: A NovelHardcover – Deckle Edge, February 16, 2016




Worth Getting in Bed For? Yes.  This book put me to sleep a couple of times, but in a good way. I’d stay up late reading it and the lyrical way Smith writes, especially about nature, would lull me to sleep. I could hear the creek and taste the clean water, hear the woodland creatures and smell the dirt. And then she builds up the underlying tension where there is always this fear, this uneasiness, you can sense, everywhere. Smith’s other strength is she captures the different voices of her characters so well as they tell their story. And they are so different but so much the same.”What is a free man except a man with money” is the sociological premise here and all four main characters are really trying to discover what a free man really is, all while they are trying to take another man’s freedom while seeking their very own. A worthwhile read!

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