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G is for General Health. To be all around healthy, strengthen the four pillars of wellness: sleep, sex, stress management, and social interaction. Each one of the Four S’ s of optimal health does incredible things for your body and mind, including speeding up your metabolism to get rid of excess fat, boosting cell repair to slow aging, and strengthening your immune system.

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The Well Path: Lose 20 Pounds, Reverse the Aging Process, Change Your Lifeby M.D. Heskett Jame

From the Publisher. Dr. Heskett provides a detailed week-by-week and day-by-day calendar of small changes and challenges to get you on your own Well Path. You begin with Well Prep, a month-long period to get you acclimated to simple lifestyle changes. The second month is devoted to Well Practice, a roadmap to homeostasis that focuses on six areas of CHANGE:

Circulation—improving the vascular system gets rid of stored fat and toxins

Hunger—learning to identify real and false hunger to avoid overeating

Activity—non-exercise activity that can burn hundreds of extra calories

Nutrition—a diverse array of nutrients (especially fiber) to improve gut absorption and balance hormones

General Health—the importance of sleep, sex, stress, and social interaction

Exercise—Dr. Heskell’s code for maximum fat-for-energy exercise conversion

I am following this now and will have a full review soon!