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A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives Hardcover – March 15, 2016 by Kelly Brogan M.D. (Author),Kristin Loberg (Author)

From the Publisher.New York Times bestseller

Named one of the top health and wellness books for 2016 byMindBodyGreen

Depression is not a disease. It is a symptom.

Recent years have seen a shocking increase in antidepressant use the world over, with 1 in 4 women starting their day with medication. These drugs have steadily become the panacea for everything from grief, irritability, panic attacks, to insomnia, PMS, and stress.  But the truth is, what women really need can’t be found at a pharmacy.

According to Dr. Kelly Brogan, antidepressants not only overpromise and underdeliver, but their use may permanently disable the body’s self-healing potential. We need a new paradigm: The best way to heal the mind is to heal the whole body.

In this groundbreaking, science-based and holistic approach, Dr. Brogan shatters the mythology conventional medicine has built around the causes and treatment of depression. Based on her expert interpretation of published medical findings, combined with years of experience from her clinical practice, Dr. Brogan illuminates the true cause of depression: it is not simply a chemical imbalance, but a lifestyle crisis that demands a reset. It is a signal that the interconnected systems in the body are out of balance – from blood sugar, to gut health, to thyroid function– and inflammation is at the root.

A Mind of Your Own offers an achievable, step-by-step 30-day action plan—including powerful dietary interventions, targeted nutrient support, detoxification, sleep, and stress reframing techniques—women can use to heal their bodies, alleviate inflammation, and feel like themselves again without a single prescription.

Bold, brave, and revolutionary, A Mind of Your Own takes readers on a journey of self-empowerment for radical transformation that goes far beyond symptom relief.


Worth Getting in Bed For? Yes. If you are interested in mental health-care and anti-depressants, then this is a book you should consider reading. It is about  what Brogan calls “health freedom”.  Being informed to make the right choices for you, becoming a health advocate for yourself and not just accepting whatever is written on the RX pad.  “It turns out that it may not all be in your head–but rather in the interconnectedness among the gut, immune, and endocrine systems.” Brogan first presents exhaustive research on depression and then bids you to question WHY you are truly ailing. She then presents several comprehensive chapters on what you can do about it. Sleep, diet, eliminating toxins in the home are some examples. Creating a team to work with you including your physician is important, too. This book offers a different perspective for those seeking a more holistic treatment plan. Whether you believe Depression is a disease or not, A Mind of Your Own is definitely worth a look. You will come away with sound health tips regardless.


Provided by the Publisher and TLC BOOK TOURS.


About the Author. Kelly Brogan, MD, studied cognitive neuroscience at MIT before receiving her MD from Weill Cornell Medical College. Board certified in psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, and integrative holistic medicine, she is one of the only doctors in the nation with these qualifications. She practices in Manhattan and is a mother of two young daughters.

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