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The Little Wine GuidePaperback – April 14, 2016 by Ariel Heart

From the Publisher. Don’t know much about wine?

The Little Wine Guide spans Cabernet to Chardonnay with tips on how to chill and store wine to buying wine among the vast options. This jam-packed little book removes the mystery and makes savoring a fine wine fun.
Learn the lingo fast through an overview of wine to get you on your feet pronto. Learn about the basic wine types to planning your own wine tasting, the intricacies of restaurant presentation etiquette to an overview of wine in America to assist you on your personal wine journey! Understand your unique taste preferences and what interests you in the world of wine from blogs, movies, documentaries, magazines or books on the people of the wine world.
This jam-packed little book removes the mystery and makes learning about wine fun. The Little Wine Guide is presented in a conversational tone and helps you discover what interests you as you embrace your personal wine style.

About the Author

I’m a wine enthusiast on my personal wine journey who found most books on wine either too textbook, too long, or packed with information I don’t need or want to know. Eventually I was collecting the information that I found pertinent to enjoying wine without a degree in viticulture. I thought others might like to have the short cut to the core material as well. Thus was born the idea for The Little Wine Guide. So, join me on this wine discovery journey! I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and have worked in Fortune 500 companies and Department of Defense most of my working life. I am a Colorado native who loves the mountains and wildlife, but I don’t ski, I currently volunteer at a cat shelter, played clarinet for a short time, and dabble in drawing, watercolor, and acrylic painting.
Wouldn’t this make a great gift with a bottle of wine? Or even in lieu of the customary bottle of wine brought as a host/hostess gift?  Think Mother’s Day–this book, a couple of wine glasses for you and your Mother or favorite mom of young children and a bottle of wine. Now that’s creating a special time and the book keeps on giving!