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Hagen understood that the policeman believes in law an order in a curiously innocent way. He believes in it more than does the public he serves. Law and Order is, after all, the magic from which he derives his power, individual power which he cherishes as nearly all men cherish individual power. And yet there is always the smoldering resentment against the public he serves. They are at the same time his ward and his prey.


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The Godfather Hardcover– March 10, 1969 by Mario Puzo

From the Publisher. When Mario Puzo’s blockbuster saga, The Godfather, was first published in 1969, critics hailed it as one of the greatest novels of our time, and “big, turbulent, highly entertaining.” Since then,The Godfather has gone on to become a part of America’s national culture, as well as a trilogy of landmark motion pictures. From the lavish opening scene where Don Corleone entertains guests and conducts business at his daughter’s wedding…to his son, Michael, who takes his father’s place to fight for his family…to the bloody climax where all family business is finished, The Godfather is an epic story of family, loyalty, and how “men of honor” live in their own world, and die by their own laws.



The Godfather Movie is one of my all-time favorite movies. Yet, I have never read the book. Finally, I have cracked it open and am about half way through and it’s entertainingly suspenseful. It also stands the test of time, as it was written in 1969. It is different enough from the movie to be it’s own story but similar enough to seem familiar. An epic story of the mafia, told in flashbacks to Vito Corleone’s early days, a story you don’t  want to miss.