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The Phantom of the Opera Paperback by Gaston Leroux

Modern audiences are well acquainted with Gaston Leroux’s infamous Phantom of the Opera, the tale of Erik, a horrifically disfigured man who lives in the underground beneath the Paris Opera House, where his creative genius mingles – and festers – with madness. First published in 1910, the Phantom’s obsessive and consuming love for the beautiful young chorus girl Christine has captivated readers, film goers and musical theater fanatics for over 100 years. Passion, violence and suspense: all the makings of a great thriller are here, in this enduring novel where “hero” is a relative term and love is both destructive and redemptive.



Worth Getting OUT of Bed For? Yes. Today I took my twelve-year-old daughter Sam to see Phantom of the Opera. This is one on my favorite productions. I was especially pleased at intermission when she asked me if there was a book. And I have never read it! We discussed reading the book together as we looked over the Phantom merchandise. Alas, no books! Back from intermission, two of my favorite songs, Masquerade and All I Ask of You came up and I am still humming them. Sam liked the production and the special effects  although she couldn’t understand all of the words to the songs.  We both agreed that Phantom of the Opera was definitely Worth Getting Out of Bed For. Now to read the book and let you know if it’s Worth Getting in Bed For!