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Before we start, there’s something you should know.

I see gods.

Usually in the corner of my eye. They just pop up from time to time, deities from the Hindu pantheon.

I never talk to them. I don’t want to.

They never talk to me, just watch in silent judgement. Occasionally they tut-tut and tweet about me to one another on their phones.

I’m not mentally ill. Honest.

Back when this started, I was switching from anti-psychotics to mood stabilizers to anti-anxiety to anti-depressant medications before I finally got it under control.

I haven’t been seeing many gods lately. That must be a good sign.


See this image

Her Nightly Embrace: Book I of the Ravi PI Series Hardcover – November 1, 2016 by Adi Tantimedh

The first in a trilogy of whip-smart novels—currently in development as a TV series set to star Sendhil Ramamurthy (NBC’s Heroes and Heroes Reborn)—about a destructive private investigator and his eccentric coworkers, who handle cases so high-profile that they never make the headlines.

Ravi Chandra Singh is the last guy you’d expect to become a private detective. A failed religious scholar, he now works for Golden Sentinels, an upmarket London private investigations agency. His colleagues are a band of gleefully amoral and brilliant screw-ups: Ken and Clive, a pair of brutal ex-cops who are also a gay couple; Mark Chapman, a burned-out stoner hiding a great mind; Marcie Holder, a cheerful former publicist; Benjamin Lee, a techie prankster from South London; David Okri, an ambitious lawyer from a well-connected Nigerian immigrant family; and Olivia Wong, an upper-class Hong Kong financial analyst hiding her true skills as one of the most dangerous hackers in the world—all under the watchful eye of Roger Golden, wheeler-dealer extraordinaire, and his mysterious office manager, Cheryl Hughes.

Thrust into a world where the rich, famous, and powerful hire him to solve their problems and wash their dirty laundry, Ravi finds himself in over his head with increasingly gonzo and complex cases – and the recent visions that he’s been having of Hindu gods aren’t helping. As Ravi struggles to stay ahead of danger, he wonders if the things he’s seeing are a delusion – or if he might, in fact, be an unrecognized shaman of the modern world…



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