All the Money in the World: previously published as Painfully Rich by [Pearson, John]

I went to the movie last weekend and was enthralled. I wanted to know more about the Getty family and the infamous kidnapping of Paul number 3. The book expands on the movie and hits just the right balance between gossipy and informative. The movie is a bit different in places when it comes to the kidnapping, but both book and movie are worth your time if the subject interests you. See the movie first.

Two Kinds of Truth (Harry Bosch #20)
by Michael Connelly 


Harry Bosch remains relevant and fresh. In his sixties, retired and working cold cases , Connelly has made Bosch even better than when he first wrote him on the scene. Working three different cases, methodically the suspense and the evidence builds up to where the reader can’t be anything but satisfied. Bosch is one of the good guys and this series doesn’t get old.


Need to Know
by Karen Cleveland (Goodreads Author)


Vivian, wife and mother of four, is a CIA Analyst working on infiltrating a Russian cell through a cell leader’s computer. She comes across a picture and her whole life as she knows it comes in to question. What would you do to protect that life? The life of your loved ones. Cleveland has created a character that is relatable and one that you root for in Vivian. The story takes off and never stops with the sense of urgency. One of the best Thrillers I’ve read all year.

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